5 Questions with our Software Devs

Get the inside scoop on life as a software developer in PostCo.

We’ve all heard stories of programmers who are celebrated when they crack that billion-dollar algorithm. But we also hear of developers who spend their entire year of work tweaking one front-end component, or building up a massive feature with no guidance that ends up not being used.

Let’s be honest; if you’re applying for a technical role, it’s really hard to tell what you’re getting into beyond the standard technical interviews (unless you know someone working from the inside).

That’s exactly what we’ve prepared for you today - we spoke to two of our talented team members so you can better grasp what it’s like to work in PostCo’s development team!

Q: What was it like on your first day at PostCo?

Britney: “I joined in the midst of a pandemic so my first day was entirely done virtually. It was a pleasant experience as I got to meet and understand a little bit more about everyone in the company. After that, I was assigned a mentor within the tech team which helped guide me throughout my entire internship experience.”

Marcus: “My first day at PostCo was more than two years ago. I can’t remember much now, but I definitely remember a very welcoming onboarding from my very friendly colleagues. I also vividly remember the amazing working enviroment! We had coffee from a barista, a game room, and much more. Work-wise, I think I fixed a minor bug in our codebase on my very first day, which was super fun!”

Q: What’s it like working at an early-stage startup?

Britney: “It was definitely very insightful! I was given the opportunity to work across teams, which gave me insights on what the company does outside of just the tech department.“

Marcus: “For me, working at an early-stage startup means that I have to get my hands dirty doing a lot of the groundwork, like building a SaaS product from scratch. It might sound like a lot of work, but I am enjoying it because I get to learn almost everything about what is needed to get an app up and running from nothing. And if you are curious, my work-life balance is pretty good!”

Q: What’s the leadership and the company culture like at PostCo?

Britney: “The organisation and leadership style was very flat within the company. The work culture in PostCo is very sociable and helpful. I especially enjoyed the post-work course sessions that I shared with my teammates. I also enjoyed the company’s holiday retreat where I was able to finally meet and get to know everyone a little better.”

Marcus: “I think the work culture is just nice, the management is very transparent about things at work, and I have been given a lot of trust and responsibility with my work. It’s not top-down at PostCo; even during my first month, I could voice out my opinions. For the tech team itself, the hierarchy is pretty flat and I enjoy it a lot - like there is no manager telling me I should do this or that. Every decision we make is as a team.”

Britney (second from left) at one of PostCo's company retreats.

Q: What is something memorable from your experience at PostCo?

Britney: “The people! Not just the full-timers but the other interns were amazing too! Setting the bar high for my other internships to come.”

Marcus: “I have a lot of fond memories at PostCo, whether it’s the meet-ups or the retreats. A feeling that I vividly remember was witnessing clients pay subscription fees for our SaaS product when we first launched it. I can’t describe the feeling but it was a great one!”

Q: Finally - how would you describe PostCo to a friend who is interested in applying?

Britney: “I would say PostCo is definitely a place you should consider if you are keen to learn and meet like-minded people! Don’t be afraid to raise questions because everyone there is more than happy to help out.“

Marcus: “If you are thinking of applying to PostCo, you should be prepared for the responsibilities that will be given to you. Every one of us on the team are given equal responsibilities that will help to grow the company together. If that sounds about right for you, just hit the apply button.”

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