Who we are

PostCo started in 2017 as a local parcel retail network, providing a convenient way to collect and return online purchases at nearby retail stores instead of the post office. In the first three years, we scale our network to over 3,000 retail locations across Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

In March 2020, everything changed. Our retail expansions were halted and a few months later, we launched an integrated return software to help brands automate returns while retaining their revenue and customers.

We are proud to work with hundreds of retailers across the globe including adidas, Cole Buxton, Bondi Boost, FITJEANS and many more.

Our mission remains the same. We believe in helping brands turn returns into a profitable part of their business.

Join us together in this journey to build a world-class return experience for brands around the world.

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Our core values

We believe that people grow in proportion to the trust that they are given.
First Principles
We tackle complex problems by breaking things down to their base constituents.
We pride ourselves on leading by example and leading from the front.

What we value

Here at PostCo, we believe that every member is responsible for maintaining the set of shared values and principles we hold. Our leadership believes in serving our team first with the following operating principles:

1. Staying curious to the problem
2. Operate at the lowest level of detail
3. Action first
4. Truth-seeking
5. Drop all ego
6. Speed / 80% done
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What's it like to intern with PostCo?

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5 Questions with our Software Devs

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Current Positions

Software Engineering, Intern
Associate, Strategy & Partnerships - International Markets