Gorgias + PostCo: Elevating Customer Experience

Connect your Gorgias account and deliver exceptional customer experience.

June 8, 2023

The PostCo Team

In the world of e-commerce, top-notch customer support is key to success. With this in mind, PostCo has partnered up with Gorgias to offer a smoother and more unified experience for retailers elevating their customer service game.

Our collaboration with Gorgias is more than just about simplifying processes - it's about revolutionising the way you engage with customers and manage returns. With this new feature, you can view the latest submitted return orders directly within the Gorgias widgets. 

In addition to the latest submitted return orders; brands can also see a comprehensive set of return information such as:

  • New return order tickets
  • Status updates
  • Return reasons
  • Exchange items (if any)
  • Shipment information

The impact? Immediate access to a customer's return history ensures that every interaction is informed and personalised, boosting efficiency in customer service. With real-time access to return order details within Gorgias support tickets, your team can respond quickly and accurately, fostering customer trust and loyalty in the long run. 

At PostCo, we see our integration with Gorgias as a step towards refining customer service and building stronger relationships with customers. This marks a significant moment in our commitment to making returns profitable and customer-centric.

Ready to explore?

To start using this feature, all you need is a Gorgias account, which can be authorised through our App Integration tab. Once connected, this feature will continuously fetch and display data in the widget section of your Gorgias portal. 

p.s. Gorgias is offering a 2-month subscription discount to PostCo merchants looking to upgrade their customer service.

Join the hundreds of brands that are processing their returns with PostCo.