Expert tips for handling jewellery returns

Make your returns shine with these lessons from our best jewellery brands.

January 9, 2023

Fara Maruf

From determining which items are eligible for returns and dealing with damaged or faulty jewellery, there's a lot to consider when it comes to returns for jewellery. Here we provide tips from our experience working with jewellery brands around the globe, so you can confidently manage returns and keep your customers happy.

1. Offer longer warranty periods

Most brands offer a standard 14-day return window, but you may want to consider extending your warranty return period. Carrie Elizabeth for instance, offers a  generous warranty return period, up to 12 months!

By offering a generous warranty period, brands can signal to their customers that they are willing to go the extra mile to care for them, building brand confidence and increasing the likelihood that they will repurchase from the same brand in the future.

By using PostCo's policy rule feature, you can easily set up the extension of return windows according to a customer's return reasons, like so:

2. Set up an insights funnel for your returns

Each return presents an opportunity to understand your customers' needs and preferences. By setting up a method to capture insights, brands can make necessary improvements to reduce the frequency of future returns. Besides, it's a great opportunity for customers to provide feedback about their experience with the product.

Our Questions feature allows you to ask user-defined questions during the return process, and you can conditionally display them based on your policy rules. For example, Regal Rose uses this feature to ask customers for more information about damaged items.

3. Streamlining exchanges

Shopping for jewellery can be a delicate process. If the piece still doesn't fit quite how the customer would like, make exchanges as easy as possible so that they can still end up with the right product in their hands.

Our portal’s user-friendly interface also enables customers to easily exchange items for their preferred choice. We understand shopping for rings can be quite a delicate affair, and our seamless integration with Shopify means that details of your inventory like sizing and variants are consistently updated in real time.

Some brands have even included a short disclaimer message at this stage to give customers more options with their selection, further streamlining the returns process.

4. Consider disabling returns for custom-made items

It can be useful for jewellery brands to have the option to automatically disable returns for certain items, such as those that contain engravings or customised products. For instance, Francesca Jewellery sets this up by using the ineligible product tag rule in their policy rules, so that they can easily tag these items as unreturnable.

This can be particularly useful for engraved rings, as these items are typically customised specifically for the customer and may not be resalable in their current form.

Managing jewellery returns can be complex, but having the right tools and strategies in place can make all the difference. Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your existing process, our tips and insights can help you handle returns with confidence and keep customers happy.

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