Before and after: How BRONZE SNAKE retained six-figures from their returns

An insight into how BRONZE SNAKE retained customers while saving time.

June 27, 2023

Fara Maruf

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Leveraging over 15 years of expertise, BRONZE SNAKE has blossomed into a beloved Australian brand, renowned for its minimalist designs and top-tier materials. BRONZE SNAKE is more than just a shopping destination – it's an engaging experience that combines comfort, style, and reliability. 


Despite their triumphs in positioning themselves as one-of-a-kind in the industry, managing returns was an area that posed significant challenges. 

  • Initial returns process was manual, consuming time and resources
  • Reliance on manual checks led to inevitable inaccuracies and delays

Optimising their returns process was a no-brainer. BRONZE SNAKE sought PostCo to seamlessly integrate with their operations and embody their commitment to prompt and efficient service. 

As BRONZE SNAKE’s brand is embodied through their complete customer experience, we didn't go for a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, the solution was effectively designed to reflect their distinctive brand identity.

The result? A genuinely immersive, end-to-end brand experience that keeps customers delighted at every turn - as evidenced from their total retained revenue. Here’s how they did it.

Key insights

#1 Leveraging automations to save >500 hours monthly

With PostCo’s automations, BRONZE SNAKE improved their operational efficiency, saving over 500 hours on returns management per month, and refocusing their time on what matters most - serving their customers.  

  1. Through automating the process of identifying non-returnable items such as face masks and earrings, removing the need for manual tracking and human error, ensuring a consistent application of return policies.
  2. Through automating the process of deducting shipping fees from customer refunds, or charging customers to pay for the label within the app.
  3. Through our Gorgias integration, BRONZE SNAKE now has instant access to return information - all in one place. No more manual data wrangling or platform juggling.

#2 Customer retention strategies 

When it comes to returns, customers are not necessarily looking for a refund, they want the most effortless option such as exchanges or store credit.

With the right workflow, exchanges are a great way to keep your customers happy during the returns process.

  • Utilising PostCo’s exchange platform, BRONZE SNAKE ensures that customers have the easiest time exchanging for any other item in their store, including higher-priced ones.
  • Higher-value exchanges are a great revenue upsell opportunity! Their customers can easily top up the difference in the app and PostCo captures the payment for BRONZE SNAKE.

BRONZE SNAKE also implemented a 110% store credit policy to incentivize their customers to return for a store credit over refund. They now get an extra 10% in store credit with each return, ready for their next purchase.

  • This clever strategy keeps the customer shopping journey alive - ensuring that returns are not the last point of contact
  • Furthermore, keeping a customer is significantly more cost-effective than acquiring a new one, and with this approach, BRONZE SNAKE efficiently invests in maintaining customer loyalty

These enhanced return options naturally translate into customer retention strategies and the results speak for themselves. Not only did BRONZE SNAKE see a significant reduction in their return costs, but these features also resulted in substantial revenue retention. With that, BRONZE SNAKE recaptured a six-figure returns revenue amount within a quarter.

#3 Supporting an omnichannel experience

With three flagship stores across Australia, BRONZE SNAKE made sure accessibility is at the forefront of their returns. 

Their customers' preference for flexible return methods meant that BRONZE SNAKE needed an omnichannel returns experience. With PostCo, they were able to achieve this while benefiting along the way.

Recognizing their customers' consistent preference for a flexible return method, BRONZE SNAKE teamed up with PostCo to sustain its omnichannel strategy.

  • In-store returns meant that BRONZE SNAKE could save from shipping fees.
  • In-person resolution for customers' returns meant better customer experience.
  • In-app integration means that BRONZE SNAKE does not have to shuffle or train their staff on two separate systems.

“The best returns app on the market, the team is super helpful with setup and are constantly updating their app. Customers love that they can create exchanges immediately and my team loves that these orders are automatically created.”

Dave Strangis


Returns don't have to be a hurdle in a brand's path to success; they can be an opportunity for growth. PostCo is incredibly proud to be a part of BRONZE SNAKE's success story, and we look forward to continuing our mission to create uniquely tailored return experiences for more brands and their customers.

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