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Workflow Automation

Create rules to streamline your customer support team's workflow

Auto-approve return requests based on reason to save time

Save time by manually approving only the requests that require review, and automate the rest

Return Operations
Assign label fees based on the customer's return reason

Automatically assign the shipping fee to your customer or yourself and email label to customer

Return Operations
Return Shipping
Disqualify sale items from being returned

Prevent customers from submitting requests for items they bought on sale by using product tags

Return Operations
Make exceptions for items that are generally ineligible for returns

Account exceptions for usually considered unreturnable items (e.g. a damaged sale item)

Return Operations
Make exceptions to your return window

Account for exceptions where a customer needs to place a return outside of the standard window

Return Operations
Disqualify returns based on item markdowns

Classify items as non-returnable if they have been discounted above a certain amount

Return Operations
Ensure returns for first time customers

Allow returns for orders that have been purchased with a newcomer's discount code (e.g. WELCOME10)

Return Operations