A delightful new way to
return your Lazada parcel

Choose from over 1000+ cafes and pharmacies
near your home or work to return your parcel.
Secure and convenient!

Search for your nearest PostCo location to return your parcel

Hundreds of parcels returned and collected everyday from our friendly PostCo locations

How It Works

1. Print

Print your Lazada Online Return Form from your Lazada account.

2. Search

Search for your most convenient location and head over with your packaged parcel.

3. Return anytime

Return your Lazada parcel anytime at your preferred PostCo location.

Easy and Convenient

Meet AM PM Pharmacy, one of our many 1000+ trusted locations

Huge network of locations

Our locations are located near your home or work for you to drop off your parcel at your convenience

Location open daily early till late

Drop by at any of our locations at your own time to return your parcel

Safe and secure

All our locations have been vetted and trained by our PostCo Partner team!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return my parcel via PostCo?

You will need to initiate your return request online via Lazada. Choose PostCo as your return option and complete the necessary steps to obtain your Lazada Returns Form.

Print the Lazada Returns Form and attach it securely to your parcel. Now you can drop your parcel at any PostCo locations most convenient to you!

What do I need to do before dropping off my parcel at the PostCo location?

Please ensure that your parcel is properly packaged with the Lazada Returns Form securely attached. All PostCo locations reserve the rights to reject any parcel returns if the parcels are not properly packaged.

Any size and weight restrictions on the parcel?

We only allow parcels up to a maximum of 50cm x 50cm x 50cm and 20kg. If your parcel exceeds the size and weight limit imposed, all PostCo locations reserve the rights to reject acceptance of the parcel.

What will happen after I have dropped my Lazada parcel at the PostCo location?

The staff at the PostCo location will generate a request for your return. You will receive an email confirmation once your return order has been created.

I have dropped my parcel at the PostCo location but did not get any notifications. What should I do?

Should you not receive any confirmations for your Lazada parcel return after one day, kindly reach out to us via our live chat support or the contact page.

When would my returned parcel reach Lazada?

If your parcel is dropped before noon, it will be picked up on the same day and be delivered within one to two working days; If your parcel is dropped afternoon, it will be picked up the next day and be delivered within one to two working days.

How do I track my returned parcel?

To track the delivery status of your parcel return, sign up above with your phone number to track the status of your returned parcel from your dashboard or enter your PostCo tracking code at www.postco.co/track

I forgot to attach my Lazada Returns Form on my parcel. Can I still return it at the PostCo location?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your parcel without a Lazada Returns Form attached to it.

The Lazada Returns Form is a crucial element of the return process as it ensures that your parcel gets returned so that the refund could be properly administrated.

Help, I am still confused about the whole process. What should I do?

Do not worry. We are here to help. Kindly reach out to us via our live chat support or the contact page and one of our friendly team members will guide you through the process.