Drive customer loyalty with returns

Transform your returns into revenue, while keeping your customers happy with a seamless return experience.

PostCo Statistics as of Q2 2022

Revenue Retained from Exchanges


Avg. Time Saved for Returns


Avg. Customer Emails Decreased


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What you can do with PostCo 360

Automated exchanges & store credit

Retain your sales, retain your customers

Returns do not have to be costly. Turn your refunds into instant exchanges and store credit to retain your customers and keep them coming back to your store.

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Regional & International Label Generation

Shipping support from across the world

Create multiple carrier options for your domestic and international customers, complete with automated label generation. Don't have an account with a carrier? Simply use one of ours.

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Insights & Analytics

Build a data-driven returns process

Access insights into your returns over time and understand the 'who', 'what', and 'why' your products are sent back. Start taking action on data that matters most to your business.

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Powerful policy rules builder

Transform your returns with our powerful policy editor and tailor the return experience for every customer. Explore all our recipes below.

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Different return windows for different countries

Stop applying a one-size-fits-all returns policy for all your customers. Create custom rules for both domestic and international customers with just a few button clicks.

Free shipping only for damaged items

Damaged items don't have to lead to damaged relationships. Offer your customers free shipping only when they have received damaged items.

Reward customers who return with store credit

Keep your returning customers coming back for more. Automatically top up their store credit value when they choose this return option.

Block refunds on discounted items

Reduce the hassle of preventing refunds on discounted items. Automate your available return options from the product tag level or from the price difference.

Provide free shipping for VIP customers

Treat your favourite customers better. Give them access to exclusive return options and benefits, like free shipping or custom priority shipping methods.

Integrated with your favourite partners

We partner with leading global carriers and dozens of top store platforms
so that you can get started immediately, no integration work needed.

Join the hundreds of brands that are processing their returns with PostCo 360.