How wide is PostCo network of locations?

We currently have locations islandwide in Singapore. If you have not had access to a PostCo location near you in Singapore, fret not, we will be increasing our network of locations to bring more convenience to you.
You could check out our Malaysia locations by heading over to


Are there any prohibitions on what I can have delivered?

Yes there are. Do check our Terms and Conditions for a list of prohibited items. To cut a long story short, please do not send anything illegal, flammable, dangerous, anything alive such as plants or animals (particularly anything carnivorous), perishable and extremely expensive. If you do arrange for any of the above items to be delivered, the PostCo location reserves the right to reject the delivery of the parcel (and you will be reimbursed for the cost for booking the spot). We will immediately send you and email notify you that your parcel has been rejected.


Are there any restrictions on the weight and size of the parcel?

The general rule is that there is a maximum size of 50 centimetre x 50 centimetre x 50 centimetre and a 20kg weight limit. PostCo locations have the right to reject parcels which exceed the criteria stated.


I have not received any email or text message from PostCo for my booking, what should I do?

PostCo will send you a confirmation email for every status change to your booking. If you think you have not received a notification which you are expecting, please make sure to check:

  1. That your email is correctly entered in your details page.

  2. Your spam filter of your email inbox.

  3. Should the problem persists, please reach us on our live chat support or send us an enquiry at our contact page.


Can I suggest a local store I’d like to see on the list?

Yes! We are constantly looking for potential PostCo locations to make parcel collection and return more convenient for you. Do drop us a suggestion via our live chat support or contact page.


During sign up, I have trouble receiving the verification code on my phone. What should I do?

Feel free to reach us on our live chat support or notify us on our contact form and we'll instantly provide you the verification code.


How do I issue a complaint?

Please write to us via the contact page. All complaints will be escalated to management.


I have issues that are not covered in this FAQ, what should I do?

Feel free to reach us anytime on our live chat support. Bear in mind that response after office hours might be a little slow.

Alternatively, notify us on our contact page, and we will look into your matter promptly.



How much does it cost?

There are three packages in total:

  1. Pay as you go - $2.90 per parcel

  2. Monthly Unlimited - $9.90 for one month from the date of purchase

  3. Yearly Unlimited - $100.00 for one year from the date of purchase

The Monthly Unlimited and Yearly Unlimited plans are not on a recurring basis. To further enjoy your PostCo service after your plan has expired, you will have to purchase it again.


Is there an expiration date for the credits purchased?

Each purchase under the pay as you go plan will grant you a credit. Feel free to purchase more as the credit will not expire.


How do I pay?

After registering online, you will be able to book a location and purchase any of the two packages with your debit or credit card. Not to worry, we are also currently working on providing on online banking payment channel for you! Also, don't forget your first delivery is on us.


What should I do when my payment cannot go through?

Should your credit or debit card fail, please reach out to our chat support, and we will provide you with the details for bank transfer.

Parcel Collection


What is Parcel Collection?

Yes! We partner with local stores as a PostCo locations. Join us now to find your nearest store and book a location to receive your unique Collection Code. Next, address your parcel to the chosen store instead of your house address! Collect it using your unique Collection Code when it arrives at the store! Easy!


How to use the Parcel Collection service?

Simply make a booking from PostCo website, and use the address of your selected PostCo location as your shipment/delivery address when you checkout from any online stores.


Which online retailer can I have parcels delivered from?

Any online retailer in the world! US, UK, even Antartica!


When would my parcel arrive at the PostCo location?

PostCo is not in charge of delivering your parcel. Kindly check with your seller on whether the item has been dispatched. You could also track your purchase from the logistics if you are provided with a tracking number.


How do I know that my parcel has arrived?

We will send you an email and text message as soon as your parcel has arrived at your selected PostCo location.

If you do not receive any notifications from us, but your logistics tracking has indicated that your parcel has arrived, please do reach out to us via our live chat support or contact us form.


What do I need when collecting my parcel?

You will receive a unique Collection Code for each booking made. Use the unique Collection Code to collect your parcel when it is ready for collection.

Alternatively, you could verify yourself using identifications such as your IC, driving licence, and passport.


Can my friend or relative collect my parcel for me?

Of course, they can! All you need to do is to pass them your unique Collection Code.


How long can my parcel be kept in a PostCo location?

You will need to collect your parcel within 14 days. After exceeding the 14 days collection period, you will be notified accordingly, and your parcel will be sent to our office.

If you ever experience any contingencies that hinder you from collecting the parcel within 14 days, please reach out to us via our live chat support or contact us form.


Can I use a different PostCo location for my parcel collection?

If your parcel appears to be heavily damaged when it arrives at our location, our PostCo location will not accept delivery. As the transporAbsolutely! We add in new locations from time to time. You can pick a different PostCo location which is most convenient for you every time you book a location.


What happens if my parcel is damaged, lost or stolen at the PostCo location?

If your parcel appears to be heavily damaged when it arrives at our location, the PostCo location will not sign receipt of the parcel. As the transportation/delivery process is outside of our control, we cannot take responsibility for it.

Due to the fact that we are simply signing for and storing your parcel until collection, the chances that your parcel is damaged during the storage period are very minimal. However, if you do think otherwise, please contact us.

Any compensation provided will be capped at a maximum of RM 200.00 (see our Terms and Conditions for further information).


I have purchased two items from the same online store, but I am afraid that they might come in two parcels instead of one or they might be delivered on separate days. What should I do?

Depending on your online retailer, some items might be sourced from different places and therefore might have different delivery times. We would advise you to place two parcel collection bookings with your preferred PostCo location. Should your items arrive in one parcel, you may cancel the second booking, and the credit will be immediately refunded to your PostCo account.

Any unused bookings will also be cancelled after 30 days with credit refunded to you.

Parcel Return


What is Parcel Return?

We partner with local stores to form PostCo partner locations so that you can drop your returned parcels, and we will have them sent back to the online retailer.


How to return a parcel via a PostCo location?

Head over to to begin the return process. Kindly select the online retailer and your location for parcel drop-off. Fill up the rest of the steps to complete the return process.

You can then download and print your return form and securely attach it to your parcel. Alternatively, write down the return code presented on the return form that is already included in the parcel you purchased.

You can now drop it off anytime at your chosen PostCo location. As easy as that!


Do I need to log in or sign up for a PostCo account to book a Parcel Return?

You do not need to log in or sign up for an account. Just head on straight to to book your parcel return.


Can I return my parcel to any online store?

This return service is only limited to our partner merchants.


How much does it cost for a parcel return?

It is absolutely free to return with PostCo!


How can I track my parcel return?

Upon confirming your parcel return, you will receive an email to set your password. Once the password has been set, you can log in to your PostCo account to view your parcel collection and return status. On top of that, you will also be receiving email notification once there is an update on the status of your parcel.